Appearance at Storioni festival

On Saturday May 18th 2019 Michael’s music was performed at the Storioni festival in Eindhoven by Inge IJpelaar, Ien Bouwmans and Marie-Astrid Vermaas.


Berceuse melancholique and the Lonely lanes of Ireland (piano/flute)
Song of first love and Ennerdale (piano/soprano)
November (piano)

Storioni festival

Concert Return To Paradise in Newcastle upon Tyne

There is a concert on October 25th 2018 in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The concert starts at 7.30pm at the Lit & Phil, 23 Westgate Road in Newcastle upon Tyne.
It features Lydia Abell (Viola), Dawn Allen and John Garner (Violin), Sarah Robinson (Piano), Students of the Royal Grammar school and the Sage, Gateshead and members of the Cobweb Orchestra.

The CD Running To Paradise with music by Michael Jon Smith is to be presented at the concert.
Music by Michael Jon Smith is to be played at the concert.

Presentation CD Running to Paradise in Heeswijk Castle

On February 4th 2018 Running to Paradise is to be presented at Heeswijk Castle.
A coffee concert is planned starting at noon till 1pm.

For details about this concert:
CD presentation Running to Paradise

It’s possible to combine this event with a visit or tour of Heeswijk castle.

Details about Heeswijk Castle:
Heeswijk Castle

 CD Running to Paradise released

The CD Running to Paradise has been released.

Running to Paradise has also been released digitally !
The album is available to buy at, all proceeds going to Stichting Michael Jon Smith.
Short clips of each track are also available there.
Running to Paradise is scheduled to be released on every other major digital platform too !


Donations can be made out to NL92INGB0008046454, Stichting Michael Jon Smith in the Netherlands

Financial statement 2016

The financial statement for 2016 has been published.

Recording for the CD, Running to Paradise, was completed in 2016.
Preparations for the production of the CD are in the final stages.
The CD is expected to be published in the summer of 2017.


There will be a concert on May 7th 8:15 PM in the pianola museum in Amsterdam.
This concert is the kick-off for our CD recording project, which has been organised for this year !

(our intention is to have another concert later this year after the CD recording at Heeswijk Castle)

Playing at the concert are:

Emlyn Stam – Viola
Shuann Chai – Piano
Inge IJpelaar – Flute

Programme for the concert:

Song and Dance Fantasy – Viola and Piano
Running to Paradise – Flute and Piano
Berceuse – Flute and Piano
Viola sonata for solo Viola
From ‘The Seasons’: ‘February’ and ‘June’ – Piano solo


From ‘The Seasons’: ‘September’ and ‘November’ (Watendlath) – PIano solo
Caledonian Suite – Viola solo
Piacevole – Flute and Piano

Tickets and information:

Ordering tickets beforehand is advised.

Tickets will be 10 euro.

send an email to:

with the details (Concert Michael Jon Smith, May 7th 8:15 PM) of the concert. You will receive an answer about the availability and how to pay for your tickets.
Your tickets will be available at the counter. The museum is open from one half hour before the concert starts.
Please note: If a concert is cancelled, you will get notice and you will get a full refund of the money you paid for the tickets.

Telephone number pianola museum: +31 20 6279624

Adress pianola museum:
Westerstraat 106
1015 MN Amsterdam

Financial statement 2015

The financial statement for 2015 has been published.

Recordings from the concerts in Newcastle upon Tyne (August 7th 2015) and Edinburgh (August 10th 2015) have been added to the website:

Newcastle upon Tyne August 7th 2015
Edinburgh, August 10th 2015

Meanwhile preparations are ongoing for the recordings early next year.

RUNNING TO PARADISE (Tickets on sale in June)

For august 2015 our sister organisation in England has organized two concerts in Newcastle and Edinburgh.


Aug 7, 7.30 Newcastle/Tyne: LIt & Phil NE1 1SE
Aug 10, 4.30 pm (1 hr) Edinburgh: St George/ St Andrew EH2 2PA

Running to Paradise – Flute and Piano
Caledonian Suite – Viola solo
Morsels – Flute and Viola
Song and Dance Fantasy – Viola and Piano
‘Ennerdale’ and ‘Song of First Love – Voice and Piano (Newcastle only)
Late Lark,Piacevole, Nostalgia,Song of Spring – Flute and PIano
From ‘The Seasons’: ‘August’ and ‘November’ (Watendlath) – PIano solo

Performance of String Quartet in A by Michael Jon Smith

April 23rd 2014 , 8pm
Café ‘t Wapen van  Kennemerlaan , Ramplaan , Haarlem, Netherlands
April 26th 2014  7.30 pm
St Mary’s Heritage Centre (opposite the Sage Music Centre, Gateshead on
Tyne, UK)

For further information  contact

Quartetto Damiate play String Quartet in A by Michael Jon Smith Opus 3

Ingrid de Vries, 1ste viool
Willemijn Bruins, 2de viool
Loeki Poncin, altviool
Feike van der Heide, cello

Followed by ‘Mostra’, a play about the C18 composer Charles Avison, written
by Smith’s brother, Sue Saunders, with Gordon Russell as Avison. (Directed
by Hugh Keegan)

Smith and Avison – born and brought up in Newcastle on Tyne, England, three
centuries apart 

1767 –  ‘Such trickery, such a pompous display of art!’  fumes Charles
Avison at the latest musical trends.

Alone in his attic study, the composer recalls personal triumphs and family
sorrows – but above all, the loves and friendships  that make up his very
own soul music.

with live music from Quartetto Damiate .  Singers : Helen Bartlett/Alex
Murchie.  Keyboard : John Ward

Concert April 13th 2013

On April 13th 2013 Stichting Michael Jon Smith was presented in the Pianola Museum in Amsterdam.

Due to the limited seating arrangements this was a closed event.

After the opening friends of Michael played several of his compositions.

The organisation would like to thank them and all of the people who attendend this event.

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