The Prelude Ryton 2009

‘The Prelude’ beluisteren

Helm Cragg

12 december, 2009 : Ryton Choral Society

Dirigent: David Murray
Pianist: Eileen Bown
Tenor : Mark Anyan
Sopraan: Katherine Moore
Treble: Ian Wright
Bishopwearmouth Young Singers


Viool Cello Altviool
Martin Hughes Ruth Waterson Noel Broome
Pauline Aitcheson Eleanor Leckie Laura Newton
Marion Broome Christopher Murray
Vince Fleming
Contrabas Klarinet Hobo
Alan Easterbrook Jennifer Murray Philip Cull
Eileen Bown
  1. Dear Native Regions Aria: William Wordsworth as a boy 2:33
  2. Oh, there is a blessing in this gentle breeze Chorus 01:40
  3. Days of sweet leisure Chorus / Dorothy 02:12
  4. When Spring had warmed the cultured Vale Chorus / William / Dorothy 02:11
  5. Through later years Recitative and Aria: William 02:18
  6. Oh next to one dear state of bliss Aria: Dorothy 02:59
  7. Days of sweet leisure Chorus / Dorothy 02:12
  8. The lonely roads Recit: William 02:24
  9. For only then am I at rest Duet: Dorothy / William 03:17
  10. Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting Children's Chorus / Dorothy / William as a boy 03:09
  11. Prophets of Nature Chorus 02:07

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